Mobile Fleet Fueling

Software designed 
specifically for the mobile fueling business needs.


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The Data you Need

We gathered feedback from multiple fuel delivery companies

  • Manage trucks, fuel types, locations, assets, trips.
  • Set Asset's most common location.
  • Set up specific business rules.
  • Detailed reports.

Convenient, isn't it?

That problem you are having? we already solved it!

  • Works without internet connection!
  • Barcodes scanning to serve assets, start trips and login.
  • Google Maps integration for best routes.
  • Supports drivers inspections to your trucks.
  • Designed to keep business up and running at all times no matter the issue.

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Yes, we mean smart
  • Automatically identifies assets that were left in a wrong location.
  • The assisted help prevents drivers from forgetting to serve assets.
  • Human error prevention in all entries.
  • Trip generation based on distance and priorities.
  • Automatic reports of total fuel served.

Your clients deserve the best

Our software is designed to provide excellence
  • Customers can sign order right on mobile's app.
  • Instant service summary to clients after service is completed.
  • Support for photo proof of any potential issue on site and automatic delivery to customers. (closed location, no access to assets, .etc.)

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Easy to Learn

One week is usually enough for drivers to fully understand what to do
  • No settings screen for drivers.
  • Automatic possible input error recognition.
  • External button for barcode scanning, no need to search the scan button in screen.
  • Multiple check screens for data consistency before closing orders.
  • Simple UI and low amount of buttons in screens.

Get more!

You will have your own dedicated software development team
  • LCR meters for wireless connection.
  • System flow changes.
  • Invoicing System connected to QuickBooks online.
  • API integrations with other systems.
  • More...

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